Friday, June 24, 2011

A reply to the editor's response…

“…I interview LOTS of people from the  world of faith & values, so over time, they all get  their say…I assure you that over time, I present lots of faiths  and views, and provide balance.”  [Minneapolis Star Tribune's Saturday Faith & Values editor]             
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You have yet to write an article about the type of Christian that I represent, that is, a Pauline dispensationalist. The word dispensation is found four times in the King James Bible, and simply means "A set of instructions from God to man for man's obedience."

Pauline-dispensational Christians study the bible from a viewpoint that God divides his word, the Holy Bible, into three distinct divisions: past, present, and future (with the present spokesman from God to man today being the Apostle Paul). This is nothing out of the ordinary as that is how every human being views his or her life: we remember our past, live in the present and look forward toward our future. Thus God's word was written by him to be viewed that same way.

Pauline dispensationalists believe that the books of Genesis thru Acts are written by God to the Nation of Israel, his chosen people in time past (and will once again be His nation in the future), before God set them aside for a season in unbelief for crucifying their Messiah. We believe that God's instructions to this present world today are found only in the 13 books/letters of the Apostle Paul, Romans thru Philemon, thus the name Pauline dispensationalist. Lastly, the books of Hebrews thru Revelation are future instructions to the nation of Israel.  After God finishes his present program with the rapture or taking home to the heavenlies, of his present day church, called the Body of Christ. He will someday fulfill completely his promise to the seed of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob—the true Isreal of God trust his Son Jesus Christ as their Messiah.

The bible says that this method of [Pauline] bible study does away with all the confusion that happens when people mix and jumble the entire bible together, and do not rightly divided it the way that God tells us to do it! This lack of right division leads to all the so-called contradictions in it. Not too many mainline Christian leaders stand up for this method of bible study or belief, or preach about it—to the detriment of the entire church!

I would like to get this point of view out there in the mainstream thru one of your articles just to be fair. So please allow me equal space to present this viewpoint of Christianity as you have done with all other faiths/religions.

Hopefully this helps...Maranatha!

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