Monday, November 24, 2014

From the mailbag...

Hi Pastor Ron,

I've emailed you in the past & we've corresponded. You answered some questions, etc. You may or may not remember. I live in Nebraska & have been a grace believer for about 15 years without a church. I get my teaching off the internet from many grace teachers.

I wasn't aware of the Joint-heirs controversy, or even your views on it. I came across it on Bryan Ross's Church History page. I started reading all the articles one at a time, with my first thought to oppose the NCGF view on this. After reading all with an open mind & bible I have to say that I agree with you guys (God's word) on this as it just makes sense with the verses.

I agree also on your method of bible study, using the KJB to compare passages (and in the context). I do see the danger of trusting the Greek instead of the KJB. This really becomes an "end around" to cause us to doubt our bible, just as the modern versions do. Thanks to Ryan Michael Jones, Matt Stutzman, and yourself for the reminder.

I have more questions, but enough for now. I do want to say I am sorry about the GSB conference thing. I wish (and believe) we should be able to have honest dialogue & we will not always agree on everything.

Thanks for your work in rightly dividing the scriptures.

In Christ

(a Nebraska listener)

Hopefully this helps!

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