Monday, November 3, 2014

From the mailbag…

It's comforting to know that many others have been blessed by Ron's ministry and consider his YouTube ministry as their church...I am also happy to share with you how we came to Brother Ron's ministry.

After moving from Chicago to Southern California, my wife and I were seeking a new church home. We visited many places that were recommended by her family, and even some that we had previously watched on television, but none of them fed us enough spiritually. We finally came across a church that really stood out. The pastor actually discussed more than 3 scriptures, and we were impressed. (How ironic, I cannot remember what he preached that day.) The church had a big, beautiful campus and even had a cafeteria inside where they served breakfast and lunch. We looked at each other after church and said, I think we have finally found our church home. At this time we had been living in California for over 2 years.

We decided to return the following Sunday. On our second visit, he preached about tithing. He talked about how he hated to do this, but unless he preaches about tithing; people give too little or not at all. My wife and I were confused about tithing at this time. She had been tithing pretty consistently to our previous church in Chicago or elsewhere ever since we moved. I, on the other hand, was confused about tithing and had heard arguments from all sides, but had not done my own research.

The following Sunday, our third visit to the church, he preached about tithing again. He used the same scriptures as before and used fear to get his point across. This struck me as odd, but my wife and I did not give up on the church yet and decided to return again the following weekend. On our fourth visit to the church, he yet again preached about tithing. At this point, while in church, several red flags were going off inside my mind. He not only preached on tithing, but wanted money for a separate fund to eliminate the church's debt; in order to not hand the debt of building the church to his son's when they take over. He also had a video discussing yet another fund to build a building specially equipped for those with developmental disabilities. (A good cause, but I was already skeptical)

As we sat in the church, I thought that my wife was on the same page as me, but as I looked over; she was writing checks. I did not stop her. When we got home, I expressed my concern with this church and its tactics. She stated that things did not feel right to her as well, but she felt obligated to give. We decided to research tithing in the bible, before we continued to give out of obligation and we prayed to God for clarity.

I read the Bible, searched the internet, and was still confused on tithing. A few days later, my wife woke me up saying that she had a dream where the word "Cherub" was repeated several times. She wanted us to research this, thinking that it might be a sign from God. (Later, after learning from Brother Ron Knight, we now know that everything we think is from God, is not from God.) I spent hours researching cherub and learned a few things, but nothing mind blowing. Well into researching, I stumbled upon a series of videos titled "A Study of Angels" by Brother Ron Knight at Twin Cities Grace. I was fascinated by the chart behind him, and even more fascinated by his clear and thorough delivery of the Bible. I learned so much truth that I began to watch as many of his videos as I could. I began to learn Right Division, how Paul is our Apostle, and received the truth about tithing from watching his videos as well.

One of my biggest concerns was whether or not my wife would accept the Grace message. Luckily, as I explained it to her with scriptures in the Bible, and with the help of Brother Ron Knight's videos, she accepted it into her heart. We have been Grace believers ever since then.

It was also through Bro Ron's videos that we heard about this blog. We constantly use this blog to research topics through the search bar, listen or watch Bro Ron preach, or read the latest posts. Sorry for the lengthy response, but I enjoy telling this story.

Grace and Peace,
Bro Steven J.

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