Wednesday, November 12, 2014

From the mailbag...

Hello Pastor Ron Knight,

I am 25 years old and am emailing you for a few different reasons and the first is to say a huge THANK YOU!! I have listened to you on YouTube every morning as I get ready for work for nearly a year and just wanted to tell you that you have helped me so much with my walk with God and understanding the bible. You are an amazing man of God and your teachings are easy to understand and it is truth, straight from the word of God. I am so grateful to have found your bible studies on the internet.

I would really love your opinion on what denomination I should attend as I have been going to a Pentecostal church for about a year and a half and before I even listened to your teachings and felt uncomfortable with people speaking in tongues and people being slain in the Holy Spirit. It all felt wrong, not of God, and I prayed and prayed for an answer.....that is when I stumbled upon your studies on YouTube. I also have children and I want them to grow up knowing the truth. I don't want them learning things that are not of God in church. I want for us to be planted in a church that rightly divides the word and understands it like you do. This is so important to me as they are my beautiful children and it’s important to me that they have correct understanding of God and his word. I wondered if you had any advice for me and the pickle I am in. I have visited a few other churches but someone always starts yelling out in gibberish.

I would love to talk to you more, but I'll leave you with this right now. Once again thank you so much.  If it wasn't for God leading me to your video's I would not understand the bible as I do now, rightly divided. I still have sooooooo much to learn and will keep listening to your teachings, praying and reading the word of God.

You are doing an amazing job, keep up the great work from the other side of the’re reaching us!! :)

God bless,

(from a listener in Rotorua, New Zealand)

Hopefully this helps!

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