Saturday, November 15, 2014

From the mailbag...

Dear Pastor Ron,

Thank you for the immediate reply.  Since I failed to properly introduce myself, I think it would bring you great joy to know that your preaching of the Gospel of Grace and Paul's Dispensation has reached the Manila, Philippines.

As I mentioned we are 8 people meeting every week to study God's Truth.  We cannot find a local church that preaches Dispensational Truth.  All of us are former Catholics and sadly all Christian churches here are not any different than the Catholic church.  I have been searching for a sound teaching for the past 2 years now. There is no church or pastor, in my search, who preaches Paul's letters.

It is sad that many of the believers here are not fed God's Truth.... It is pretty much the blind leading the blind. That is why I am so thankful to our Lord Jesus Christ that through the internet media I am now hearing and learning the proper way of studying the bible.

Know that I will share all your videos on our Saturday meetings in the absence of a teacher-pastor to lead our small group.  You shall hear from me again as we are all babes learning to walk.  We will include you and all our spiritual brethren your side of this earth.

May God bless you and the whole church in Norcalgrace.

Thank you!

Hopefully this helps!

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