Wednesday, October 29, 2014

From the mailbag…

I first heard Pastor Ron on the radio, KKMS, in the Twin Cities  about 3 yrs ago. As a result, I have been attending Twin Cities Grace Fellowship every Sunday. It will be 2 years this March.

I trust Bro Ron and his faithfulness to the grace message (God's Word), that is what I love about him. I was able to introduce the mystery of God’s grace message to my mom, and I gave her a DVD of some of Brother Ron's teaching, and she came to the same conclusion as we did,  Brother Ron is a faithful minister to the Grace message 

My mom is critical of people who preach. So not only was the truth revealed to her,but now she is starting to see through all the other nonsense that she had been following all her life.  We get together a few times a week and listen to a study of Bro Ron.  We are in Romans 8 now. 

I'm talking to a mother and daughter who are Jehovah's Witnesses about God riches.  I hope they are willing to get the truth, and I will definitely supply them with information from this blog. 

Thanks again

Bro Charles E.

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