Monday, October 24, 2016

How can I know a person is saved?

Knowing that there are no baptisms, or offerings, or any works that God wants us to do, if we share the grace gospel with a person, and they accept Christ, how do I know they are saved?

There is no way for you to know for sure whether someone is saved or not! Only the Lord knows for sure because he is the only one who can know inside a person's heart. 

What you can do though is to make sure that you give them a very clear gospel when you are talking to them. Make sure that you do not confuse them when you are sharing the gospel of Grace with them. Make sure that you make it crystal clear that salvation today is not by any works of their own, but only by what he did, that being the shedding of his blood on Calvary's cross!

Then in order to make sure that they are trusting him and him alone, you can ask them follow up questions in order to verify what they are trusting. I ask them, If you commit a murder and then you die while running away from the police before repenting of that murder, where will your soul go when you die?   If they say anything other than "heaven," then they are not stablished in their understanding of grace salvation. So, I would stay on that until they answer right. But even then, they could simply parrot what you have shared with them.

Ultimately only God knows who's saved and who's not. So, to minister to people today, you need to share with them a crystal-clear salvation message, and magnify Paul's office and his sound doctrine in their ears.

Hopefully this helps!

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