Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Peace defined

Peace is the end of all strife.  It is rest from worry.  God wants you to have his peace.  I tell people that God is not up there worrying about things. 

If you watch the news, it is nothing but worrisome, with very few positive stories put forth.  Sometimes you need to simply turn that stuff off. 

Wonder why they call it the “news”?  I saw this verse years ago and thought, "That’s where it comes from!"  

Acts 17:19-21
(For all the Athenians [now the Athenians …were strangers there, including Jews] nothing else but to tell or hear some new thing.)

I found that interesting—they were there just to get “the news.”   

Now a person likes to keep up with what’s going on, see the sports or check the weather.  But, the ‘news’ is of heathen design to get you to worry more.  Just watch the news tonight and see if it’s bad news.  As they say: “If it bleeds, it leads.”  If it’s something bad, then they are going to report on it. 

You aren't going to have peace if you let that stuff get to you.  

 >>>>A transcribed excerpt from a message by Ron Knight in a series 
on the book of Second Thessalonians.<<<<

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